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To Honor, Preserve and Perpetuate the legacy of  

Miami Valley Veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. 



For a number of years a local veteran had been collecting memorabilia, primarily about WWII.  His collection did not stop at WWII however, as veterans throughout the area, having served in the various wars and       conflicts, found a temporary shelter for their items to be held in perpetuity until such time as a local veteran’s museum might come to pass.

For years, his wife had wished to have her house back and not long after her passing came the opportunity to make that wish a reality.  After being selected to serve as one of four Grand Marshals for the 2009 July 4th parade in Miami County, a chance encounter with the Independence Day Celebration Association (IDCA) President and Grand Marshal Emcee put the wheels in motion.

Almost immediately upon their introduction, this veteran shared not only his thoughts about a museum, but his collection.  Although only a small portion of the tour was given, both quickly realized that there was much to offer the community and agreed that a veteran’s museum was a great idea.  With  venues like WACO Field, the Neil Armstrong Museum and the National Museum of the United States Air Force all within a reasonable distance, and a connection with many “famous” veterans including NASA Astronauts Neil Armstrong of Wapakoneta, John Glenn of New Concord, and Nancy Currie of Troy, the idea made sense.  It was at this point they began an    effort to recruit volunteers to help turn the idea into reality.  Over the next few months, several small fund raising activities took place and enough funds were raised to pay for both the incorporation and 501(c)(3) filing fees.

As of June 2010, the museum had been officially incorporated and had a board comprised of seven officers and eight trustees.  Of the 15 positions, more than half are held by veterans having served in every major conflict since WWII.  The remaining board members have a close connection to the community and museum having lived in the Miami Valley most of their lives and/or having family members who served in the Armed Forces. The museum has started accepting donations and was approved as a 501(c)(3) organization as of September 14, 2010.


We provide a safe and respectful repository for uniforms, equipment, personal effects including photo, letters, oral and written histories, dairies, and other artifacts. These artifacts may even be seen on display inside the museum. 

We also provide a meeting place for Veterans.  We support a multi-county community by presenting monthly Veterans' Coffees, museum activities, educational outreach programs, and partnering with other organizations in order to raise awareness of the contributions of those who have served our country. 

The museum is totally run with an ALL VOLUNTEER  workforce. Every worker, volunteer, executive, and board member give 100% of their time for free. All donations, grants and funds received by the museum goes into the museum! 

American Flag on Pole


Our museum community includes Veterans, friends, and supporters in the following Ohio counties Miami, Darke, Shelby, Champaign, Clark, Greene, and Montgomery Counties. We also support a worldwide community with the reach of our website and social media and online outreach presence. We reach more than 50,000 folks in a seven-county area with our outreach programs every year. In Jan 2021 we  launched  a program on public access stations in 8 counties called "Valley Veterans" where we feature topics and interviews that focus on themes of interest to Veterans. The  programs can be viewed on channel 991  on a monthly bases when they are scheduled by the local stations. 

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